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Blanking or plugging off an overboard line for internal repairs

Blanking or plugging overboard lines is often necessary to make internal repairs.
To be able to replace a valve on the inside, the pipe must be blinded from the outside. This is where DIVER Underwater Contractors can provide you with excellent service. With our many years of experience in underwater work and support for ship repairs, we can effectively support you in blinding off an overboard valve. This cost-effective method provides a turnkey solution for repairing faulty valves, pipes or sea boxes.

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Plugging or blanking the overboard valve with DIVER

In order to enable the crew to carry out internal repairs to various overboard pipes, we can assist you with the temporary blinding of these pipes on the outside of the vessel. In this way, the time that the vessel stays in port can be efficiently dealt with.

Since the valves and pipes to be blinded are often located underwater, divers are needed. The certified divers of DIVER Underwater Contractors have years of experience in this. These underwater solutions ensure that your vessel does not necessarily have to go to dry dock. In almost all cases, this results in enormous cost savings!

Overboard valve

Complete solutions for your repair work

At DIVER we offer you solutions that are as complete as possible so that your repair work is hindered as little as possible. In addition to preventing your vessel from necessarily having to dry dock, we therefore offer you complete solutions. To blind an overboard valve or sea box, we always have various sizes of plugs and blanking material available as standard. If desired or necessary, we can also manufacture a specific solution for you!

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