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For more than 25 years DIVER Underwater Contractors is one of Europe’s leading diving companies and a major service provider to the shipping industry, civil contracting and salvage operations.

Based in Terneuzen we are centrally located to carry-out our services in the ARA- area, Flushing, Zeebrugge, Calais.

We provide our services all over the world!

Our highly qualified and skilled personnel are continuously developing modern, quick and cost-effective solutions to assist customers wherever the need arises. We are at your service 24/7 all around the year!


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DIVER Underwater Contractors (D.U.C.) B.V.
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4538 AL Terneuzen
The Netherlands
Tel: + 31 115 612 521 (24 hrs)
Fax: + 31 115 648 956
Email: info@diverbv.com

Dear customers and relations,

As everyone probably knows, the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) meanwhile also grips Europe.

The last few days we have seen many measures that have not been implemented in the Netherlands before.
This leads to uncertainty about the course of the coming weeks / months.
We understand that there is blind panic, but it is now clear that this situation is unprecedented and that we must take this virus very seriously.

DIVER Underwater Contractors is also closely following the reporting on this and has so far followed the recommendations of RIVM and intends to continue to do so.
After the recent developments and measures taken by the government, in addition to the standard measures and recommendations of the RIVM, we will immediately implement additional measures to protect our own staff and visitors:

• We are going to closely monitor possible symptoms of our own staff and of people we inevitably come into contact with.
In case of symptoms, these persons will be immediately denied access to our company premises and/or vehicles and instructed to contact the relevant authority.
• Visitors without a scheduled appointment are denied access to our workshop/office.
• From now on, our diving vehicles are no longer accessible to you as a customer if not absolutely 100% necessary.
• Safety measures regarding the diving work will of course remain in full force to ensure the safety of the diver as you are used to.

We trust that you understand that this COVID-19 outbreak is far beyond our control and that people's safety is our number one priority right now.

Should the situation change to such an extent that stricter measures are necessary, we will inform you again.
We wish you the very best right now and take care of yourself and your loved ones