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DIVER is seriously committed to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment. It is essential to our success with an outstanding QHSE performance.

The mission of DIVER is to contribute to the development of the marine sector and stimulate excellence through innovation. DIVER aims to develop solutions for the benefit of companies through applied research and technical assistance.

We will always give the best service to resolve all of our clients problems. We aim to be the trusted partner in challenging circumstances.

We are fully accredited by Bureau Veritas

ISO 9001:2015


24 hours a day
7 days a week
+31 115 612 521


DIVER Underwater Contractors (D.U.C.) B.V.
Beneluxweg 4a
4538 AL Terneuzen
The Netherlands
Tel: + 31 115 612 521 (24 hrs)
Fax: + 31 115 648 956
Email: info@diverbv.com