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ICCP Anodes:
Impressed Current Cathodic Protection

Prevent corrosion and give ships and other floating objects a longer life thanks to ICCP Anodes. We can provide you with this at DIVER Underwater Contractors. Thanks to advanced systems, we ensure guaranteed protection of your underwater objects by preventing corrosion. This technique is well suited for shipping, as well as for fixed structures to ensure the integrity of the material exposed to water. We also perform maintenance on these systems.

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Install or replace sacrificial anodes

The use of sacrificial anodes is also known as a passive form of protection for your object. These systems are therefore not subject to changing environmental conditions. Because the ICCP Anodes are calculated on the basis of volume for a certain lifespan, they must be replaced over time. This is because at some point cathodic protection is no longer sufficient. By replacing these at the correct service intervals with DIVER, you will maintain guaranteed protection against corrosion. At your request, we can assist with the installation or replacement of the system according to your specifications.

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How do the ICCP anodes work?

Anodes have been used for over a century to protect the hull of ships, for example. Provided they are properly maintained, the anodes do an excellent job, but they will need to be replaced over time. For large ships this is at every docking, over a period of approximately 3 to 5 years. The certified divers of DIVER Underwater Contractors can provide you with excellent quality assurance.

The advanced systems provide a passive form of protection. Briefly explained, the system consists of one or more reference cells, also called ICCP anodes. These are connected to a power unit which ensures that the reference cells measure the electrical potential underwater. Based on this measurement, the power unit in turn determines the strength of the current emitted by the anodes. This impressed current ensures that the process that takes place in case of corrosion cannot happen. This will keep the material from weakening and maintain its integrity.

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Are your ICCP or regular hull anodes due for replacement or do you have a docking soon? At DIVER, we replace your sacrificial anodes effortlessly and ensure that your system is properly maintained. Contact us to schedule an appointment, anywhere in the world!

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