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Class Inspection: we inspect the condition of your vessel!

For your vessel and its maintenance, it is important to be clear in what condition it is in. The class inspection of DIVER Underwater Contractors B.V. focuses on the part of your vessel that is underwater. Because your vessel is mainly exposed to many different influences underwater, an optimal condition is important. This inspection gives you as the client an accurate picture of the current condition of the underwater hull, without it having to go to dry dock.

During the inspection, in the presence of the class surveyor, the diver will give you a detailed view of the underwater areas. Critical points are inspected and observations are recorded of, among other things:

Class inspection DIVER
  • Rudder
  • Propeller
  • Sea chest

DIVER Underwater Contractors B.V. is approved by the following class societies for carrying out IW surveys:

Insightful report on your vessel

All points are assessed and mapped with both photos and a textual explanation, bundled in a report. During the class inspection, irregularities are immediately reported to the surveyor and client. If these observations are important for the continuity of the certificate, a solution will be looked at that is most suitable for the current situation to repair this, temporarily or otherwise. In this way we ensure that your ship is out of service as short as possible.

Why perform a class inspection?

To perform the full range of underwater video / photo inspections, we have approval from the major classification societies to provide detailed reports to our customers. In this report you will find a lot of information about the condition of the entire underwater hull and more. These inspections are performed for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to:

If necessary, we advise our customers on the possible combination of activities. This prevents unnecessary time spent in dry dock and saves on repair and maintenance costs.

Is a class inspection required for your vessel?
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