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Underwater welding with
DIVER Underwater Contractors B.V.

With more than 25 years of experience, DIVER Underwater Contractors has grown into one of Europe’s leading diving companies. A leading service provider in diving and underwater welding for a variety of markets such as the marine industry, civil procurement and salvage operations

  • Leading service provider
  • Certified welders
  • 25+ years of experience
  • Shipping industry
  • Civil contracting
  • Salvage operations

Within DIVER we are specialized in welding various underwater objects. This form of welding is very different from above water welding.
We do this on- and offshore, from a drilling platform to a ship or on the mainland.

Because metals are exposed to many external influences underwater, they can quickly be damaged. This happens through corrosion, for example. At DIVER we remedy these damages in a safe way.

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How does underwater welding work?

Various welding processes can be used for underwater welding. This is done locally and manually by our specialist commercial divers. This involves welding with a covered electrode, this welding electrode is water resistant. Alternatives to this are cored wire welding and friction welding. Depending on the situation, we use the most suitable welding technique. This is to guarantee quality to our clients.

All circumstances are therefore taken into account when welding. After all, the surrounding water provides rapid cooling, which affects the welding quality. By applying the right techniques, we can provide you with quality in any situation.

For who is it?

Lasnaad onderwater lassen

If a specific assignment requires underwater welding, we have experienced and certified welders who carry out the work according to your wishes.

For example, we carry out the work around the installation of anodes on a ship, quay or mooring protection. We also carry out repairs to ships. We can assist you with any form of (repair) work related to underwater welding. From preparation to final implementation!

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Do you have planned underwater welding work and are you looking for an underwater welder? At DIVER Underwater Contractors we are happy to be of service, from preparation to execution. Contact us to find out more about the possibilities!

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