Keeping ships where they belong: in the water

DIVER Underwater Contractors is one of Europe’s leading diving companies and a major service provider to the shipping industry. Our wide range of services includes class survey inspections, propeller maintenance, in- and outboard repairs using the cofferdam method and NDT-inspections to stern tube seal repairs.

Since DIVER Underwater Contractors was established in 1992, we have expanded our area of activity from the main ports in Holland, Belgium and France to all ports worldwide.

We now serve our clients anywhere at anytime throughout the world using a strategic alliance of highly experienced diving experts under the supervision of our local agents.

In addition to the services we provide for worldwide shipping, we are also very experienced in any area needing diving expertise and regularly undertake assignments on inshore vessels, a wide range of civil works and salvage operations.

Underwater First Aid in Panama

A large Greek container vessel suffered severe underwater damage after grounding at the Port of Cristobal in Panama.
The vessel was subsequently moved to the Gatun anchorage and underwater assistance was requested to ascertain the extent of the damage.

A local diving company carried out a thorough inspection and found that the grounding had caused damage to the bottom and side plates (the sheer strake) over an area measuring 12m x 0,5m.

The local divers were able to fit small stiffeners across the damaged area. However, to obtain classification approval for the vessel to cross the Atlantic Ocean for dry-docking in Greece, it was necessary for much larger stiffeners to be fitted and this work had to be carried out by certified underwater welders.

DIVER Underwater Contractors responded to this need by sending a team of 4 divers who, with cooperation from a local shipyard, manufactured 5m stiffeners and using underwater welding techniques and attached them at the correct position on the vessel.
After only a 6-day delay the vessel received the classification approval to set out for Greece with this temporary repair.

Rudder Repair in Antwerp

A large car carrier was suffering from prob- lems with its rudder. The vessel was not due to dry dock for the next two years, so an underwater repair was required.
The repair needed 5 stiffeners to be placed on both sides of the rudder to make sure the aft part of the rudder would not be moving during manoeuvres.

The stiffeners had already been prepared by a Dutch shipyard but needed to be adjusted on the spot before they could be welded onto the rud- der. With two teams of five divers, DIVER Underwater Contractors succeeded in completing the job in 36 hrs.

In-Water Bow Thruster Repair in Antwerp

A container vessel, traveling between Canada and West-European ports, was suffering from major damage to its bow thruster. The bow thruster’s supplementary tunnel casing partly coming loose around the propeller was the cause of the damage.

Removal of Main Propeller Tunnel in Flushing

A general cargo vessel collided with a navigation buoy when entering the River Scheldt. The chain of the buoy stuck in the vessel’s propeller, resulting in severe damage to the propeller tunnel.
After an inspection executed by our divers at the port of Flushing, the superintendent of the vessel decided to remove the tunnel to make sure the propeller was clear and no more damage could be caused to the blades.
With the assistance of the vessel’s crew and the use of a shore crane, our divers succeeded in removing the tunnel without causing any damage to the propeller or rudder.

Propeller polishing

Our in-house developed ecological propeller polisher, approved by the Dutch and BelgiumPort Authorities, allows us to carry out in-water polishing and to recover approximately 98% of the material and marine growth mixture at the same time.
Underwater we have the ideal environment to do the polishing without any limitations of access or lubrication, to achieve the smoothest surface which will in the end safe you fuel and money.

Cofferdam repairs

This method of floating, in water repair during loading or discharging is an approved technique, for which DIVER Underwater Contractors has received an approval by Lloyd Register.

CCTV & digital Photo inspections

We carry out the complete range of inspections including: in lieu of dry-dock, extension of dry-dock, pre-selling inspections.
By using the latest type of camera and video systems, we ensure you the most thorough and accurate inspection of your vessel.
As inspections can be carried out during loading and discharging operations we save you valuable time and money.
For this service we are approved by all major classification societies (ABS, Bureau Veritas, DNV-GL, Lloyds Register, Rina, NK-Class)


Specialised underwater services require the exact combination of technology and people. Investing in the new techniques and training people forms the basis of this expertise. But also many years of experience in this field guarantees you safe and optimal services.

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